What If You’re Tone Deaf? Can You Learn To Sing In Tune

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Q: What if you think you're tone deaf? How can you overcome it and learn to sing in tune?

A: You hit the nail on the head when you used the word "think". It is a belief, nothing else.  While it is true that "tone deafness" can exist, being "tone deaf" is most often an expressions that people tend to throw around  just because they aren't good singers. The reason you think you're tone deaf is because you know you don't sound very good.  But how would you know that if you're tone deaf? Naturally, you don't feel all that confident letting out sound.  That is understandable.  The reason you can't sing those melodies on the right notes and a have a free, resonating, attractive sound when you do it, is much more a muscle issue than an ear issue. Luckily this can certainly be developed.  It is in cases like this, by the way, that it is absolutely detrimental to practice by singing scales.  Go and watch the video on how to sing on key and you'll get an understanding of why this is so easy to develop. You might also want to  read this article on how to sing in tune and why it has little to do with your ear.